Zay Harding, a native of Hawaii, grew up on the beautiful island of Kauai and was instilled with an enormous respect for culture and huge sense of adventure. With the enviable background of growing up on the beaches of Hawaii, Zay is an outdoorsman through and through. His childhood was spent in the Boy Scouts where he achieved the highest level in scouting - an early preparation for his trekking adventures. Zay attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, where he studied Acting for four years. His passions eventually led him to the popular British travel series, Globe Trekker. Since being snapped up as a host, Zay has motorcycled through Vietnam; explored the hidden underground caves of Laos; gone snow-trekking and bungee jumping in Switzerland; kayaked and skied in Austria; sailed and rode with the cowboys in Canada; and retraced the communist Red Trail in Southeast China. He was crowned "Champion of Wrestling" in Buea, Cameroon, where he entered a traditional wrestling match and won - beating the defending champion of ten years Zay hikes, swims, surfs, bikes, plays golf, acts, and sings. He loves engaging in group sports, cultural activities, and new experiences - and he always makes sure he has fun along the way. You could call being a Globe Trekker host a dream job for Zay, but not without arguing that Zay is obviously the perfect candidate! “I love sharing what I learn with those curious enough to care, and who may or may not be as fortunate as I have been, to come along on this life-changing ride. After having travelled everywhere, I hope to retire back in Hawaii. Isn't that ironic? The more I travel the more I appreciate where I came from and what I always had. Nothing really compares to Hawaii's beauty or its people. Always appreciate where you are, because without knowing it, you might just be in the best place around. Or it could be that there's simply no place like home.”